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Affiliate program

Affiliate program

The Affiliate Program is a partnership opportunity where you promote a company's product to your audience and earn commissions on successful referrals through your unique referral link.

How it works?

Just create a personal referral link or promo code and share it with prospects and receive quarterly commissions to your personal account balance.
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Reseller program

Reseller program

The Reseller Program allows you to incorporate a company's products or services into your own business offerings. Sell under your brand and benefit from reseller discounts, consulting opportunities, and lead generation support.

How it works?

Purchase a subscription at exclusive reseller rates.
Easily integrate the product and attract new customers.
Increase your revenue and grow your business with each new customer.
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Becoming a Metaplan Partner

Complete the registration form
Provide necessary details about your business and pass KYC
Sign the affiliate and reselling partnership agreement
Access you partner dashboard and benefits
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Who can become a Metaplan partner?

We welcome partnerships with any legal entity operating in accordance with the laws of the country. Our partnership criteria are transparent and based on legal and professional obligations.

Where is Metaplan based?

What payment methods are supported?

How often are subscription fees and payments processed?

What currency do you accept payments in?

How can I contact Metaplan for more information?

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